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Hey all. some of you wanted me to do this so here i finally did it! thank you all for your support!

If there is excess help then i well put it to running the website as well and we can once again
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Dexteram Tzeentch

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Age Of Darkness

Welcome to Dexteram Tzeentch's Website.

Karl Franz, do you fear the dark? Do you tremble in fear when you see the dark clouds on the horizion? You do well to, for the Right Hand of the Changer of ways is coming, and bringing hell with them!

Dexteram Tzeentch (Latin: The Right Hand of Tzeentch) is a guild in the Warhammer Online MMORPG on the Phoenix Throne server.

As our name implies we are a destruction-based guild.

We are a guild based on friendship, building community, and Realm Vs. Realm Combat.
To our friends we are generous, to our enemies merciless. Our goal is to help build a powerful community on our server that will dominate in RvR.

If you wish to apply to our guild. Please apply to this website then mail Joven in game.

Although we are playing on a RP server we are not necessarly roleplayers. It is not necessary to be a Roleplayer to join this guild. With that said; Roleplaying will not be discouraged in the slightest.


Dexteram Tzeentch Has a New Address!

System, Feb 6, 10 11:01 AM.
Dexteram Tzeentch has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Attention all Pledges!

Scruts, Jan 2, 10 10:35 AM.
Pledges must register to this website to become full members. Any pledges that joined the guild before 1/1/2010 have untill 1/10/2010 to register or they will be kicked from the guild. Anyone who joins on or after 1/1/2010 have 10 days to register with the website or be kicked from the guild.


New Mounts for the New Year

Scruts, Dec 29, 09 11:37 AM.
Congratz on getting us to Guild Rank 37! New armored mounts are available at the quartermaster in the viper pit. The mounts have a 60% run speed and harder to be dismounted from. They cost 150 gold each. So far the Chaos Deamon Red Steeds are the closest to the guild colors.

Keep up the great work everyone!

Guild Charter

Guild Tenants
Dexteram Tzeentch is a guild based on disciplined and organized Realm vs Realm play. Our goal is to help our realm dominate the WAR on our server. It is not necessary that we are #1 but it won’t hurt either. First and foremost, WAR is a game. We play it to have fun. To that end we are looking for players whom;

  1. are courteous and decent player (greifers need not apply).
  2. are casual players, life comes first.
  3. are willing to assist others.
  4. like to have fun.

We ask our members to check here often as all guild business and news will be posted here. We also allow all players to have only two alts in the guild, and ask that you keep us informed as to who your alts are.

AFKing or leaving Scenarios, hacking, exploiting, begging etc... is a violation of the guild charter (Decent player) and will result in expulsion from the guild. (see below)

As of WED DEC 2ND 2009, Dexteram Tzeentch is in Open Recruitment. In order for someone to be invited to the guild they must contact one of the honored talons in the guild to get a guild invite. Then in order to become a talon you must register on the website.
Guild Bank
1. Any and all guild members may put items into the Vaults. There is a known bug in the game. If you cannot put items into the guild vault, open your guild pannel (G) while you have the guild vault open.

2. Guild Vault one & two and 3 is for general Guild use. Any second talon or higher member may withdraw from this Vault. We ask that if you are going to 'raid' this vault for auction purposes that you put at least some of the money earned from the auction(s) back in the guild vault for keep taking purposes.

3. Vault four is for blue, purple, gold, cloaks and Jewelry. This vault is secure so that only mastor talons and above may withdraw items from it. To obtain an item from this vault you just need to ask or email any guild mastertalon for the item. Note you must be able to immediately use the item and members caught putting items from vault 2 on the auction house will be kicked from the guild. Only officers may auction house items from the guild vault 2.

4. Only guild leader can withdraw gold from the vault. The #1 purpose of guild gold is for keep claiming. Guild leader may, at their discression, loan guild funds to players to help them secure their mounts or to buy 'set' pieces of armor, or to help members level a crafting skill.

5. The current guild tax is 25%.
Need vs. Greed
When in a group (Guild or not) and drops are rolled for the need button should only be used if: a. the item is an upgrade for the current class & race you are playing. b. is an item you have the trade skill to use. If you are in a non guild group that is being unfair about it's rolling, speak up. If you are the leader, boot the 'loot whore' or if not leave the group. It is now acceptable to roll need on potions that are relavent to your class. IE it is not acceptable for tanks to roll need on int, wis, or ballistic skill potions.
Guild Colors
Scorched Brown and Vermin Brown. Dying your armor to match the guild colors is mandatory at 40.            The effect we are going for is uniformity in our ranks. This will present an even more impressive image of Dexteram Tzeentch to both our friends and our foes. 

Guild Purges
We as a Guild hit rank 40 so the best thing I can do for the people who helped rank the guild to 40 is to no longer do guild purges until we hit 500 again!

Vent Usage
Vent usage is encouraged but not required. Vent usage is for Guild or alliance use only. People using vent for other activities will be banned. Also please keep chatter on vent to a minimum, if you want to have a conversation please use the 'chilling' channel or the guild channels or open chat. Note that our guild vent is also the alliance vent, and as such not everyone in vent will belong to Dexteram Tzeentch. When not in RvR or in a group please use the Dexteram Tzeentch channel or the Chilling channel. Both Vent and Guild/Alliance chat are PG-13 areas. Note: All channels but the Guild Channels, Chilling Channel, and Open Chat Channel are considered private channels and are for use for dungeons runs, scenarios, ect. Please be considerate when popping into these channels.

Guild Ranks
Pledge - Must register on the website before you become a talon!

Talon - Full guild member. Talons have no guild vault access!(trial accounts well not become anything else)

Second Talon - Is a member in either tier 2/3 that is a full member of DT have access to guild vault 1

Third Talon - is a member in either tier 3/4 that is a full member of DT also have access to guild vault 2

Honored Talon - A Talon who has reached Rank 40/ has access to guild vault 1 2 3 also can invite to the guild

Mastor Talon - Mastor Talons go to people who are not officers, but have been in the guild for many months and have shared there gaming time to helping other. It is a special position within the ranks to becoming a mastor talon. this position is earned by how you play with the guild. Mastor Talons have access to all guild vaults and have the rights to the banners. Also can invite to the guild and see officer notes. 

Warleaders - Guild officers. Guild officers are expected to be active members who promote guild/alliance groupings and events. In Open RvR Warleaders may be asked to form and lead warbands if and when the primary warband becomes full.

Keeper of Change A special officer rank of officers we ask to be in charge of the guild when both Volmoric and Gorblat have to be away from the game.
Left Hand - 2nd in command of the guild.

Right Hand - Guild Leader.
Guild Kicks
Guild kicks happen under two conditions.
1.  Any member who violates the guild charter will be guild kicked and banned from our vent server, this kick will be done only by Volmoric or one of the officers , and is permanent. Anyone who observes someone violating the 1st tenant of the guild charter just needs to report this activity to Volmoric.

2. Members who represent our guild badly in region chat, or who are disruptive and/or rude, in vent, guild chat, alliance chat, are subject to review. Under this review it takes a vote of at least three officers, to remove the member from the guild. The guild member can appeal this to Volmoric and Thelen, but must be able to prove that their were wrongly accussed.

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"War does not determine who is right, but who is left." Confucius - Yeah, well those who are left, get to write the history, and as such are right.

- Joven delanoche
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